How to Throw a Product Launch Party During a Globa...

How to Throw a Product Launch Party During a Global Pandemic After getting all our ducks in a row, including a press release sent out nationally, our new TackleBox app was released into the world. Only one thing was missing:

Take a closer look at TackleBox!

TackleBox makes presenting Excel analysis easier and better than ever before! Watch our 2-minute demo video to see how! Sign up today or learn more by contacting us at

Catch and beta release

We are thrilled to announce the release of TackleBox Beta! Our team has been working furiously over the past several months, designing and building a powerful application that dramatically improves the way you present your Excel-based analyses. Our cloud-based presentation engine saves

Introducing Sarah Grasso

Insiten is excited to welcome Sarah Grasso to the team! Sarah is our new Senior UI/UX Designer and will be crucial to the development of TackleBox. She has a passion for creating beautiful user interfaces and helping others reach their

Introducing TackleBox Beta

There must be a better way! Since our founding in 2016, we have been developing software that streamlines and automates our clients’ critical business processes. One of the most common—and most inefficient—processes we encounter is the presentation of Excel-based analysis

Unleash Your Trapped Excel Data

It often feels like the business world runs on Microsoft Excel, and for good reason – Excel is flexible, powerful, and familiar. We have seen all sorts of teams and companies use Excel, whether for complex modeling, storing and organizing

Happy 2nd Insiten Anniversary Mike!

Happy 2nd Insiten Anniversary to Mike Allain! To celebrate our favorite things about Mike, we got him a Dunkin Donuts gift card (he’s high octane), a smoothie blender (mixes things up), and a bottle of scotch (gets better with age).

Happy 1 Year Work Anniversary Rachel!

Happy 1st Insiten Anniversary to Rachel Poulos! To celebrate our favorite things about Rachel, we got her some board games (she’s on top of her game), an REI gift card (enjoys the journey to the top), and a Taco Bell

A Look Back On 2019

Happy 2020! Insiten had an exhilarating 2019, highlighted by growth, learning and fun! We grew our team to more than 20 “high-fivers”, landed our second Fortune 50 client, and incorporated a slew of exciting new tools and technologies into our

Happy 2 Year Work Anniversary Jonathan!

Happy 2nd Insiten Anniversary to Jonathan Shaw! To celebrate our favorite things about Jonathan, we got him an Amazon gift card (he’s untamed), Dragon Con tickets (cute and cuddly), and some awesome cat shirts (a fashion trend setter). Congrats and