Contour allows companies to launch new mobile apps in record time and features powerful customer experiences and seamless integration with Salesforce.

Atlanta, GA—Insiten is pleased to announce the launch of Contour, a new mobile app accelerator that allows us to deliver fully customized mobile apps and web experiences for businesses both big and small — in less than half the time and cost of traditional development.

While custom software can be time consuming, expensive, and risky to build, the Contour platform enables customers to launch modern apps quickly, without breaking the bank. Contour consists of “building blocks” that can be customized and extended to meet the exact needs of the business, deepen customer relationships and boost company profits—and is launch-ready faster than you even thought possible.

Customer experience is core to Contour. Fully integrated with Salesforce, the platform features built-in tools and analytics that provide visibility into the complete customer journey, offers new ways for customer engagement (including an ad engine for promotions and deals), builds brand loyalty, and empowers service reps. With push notifications, users receive information or calls to action when and where they need it based on geolocation, time of day, user segmentation, or any other business logic.

“In this day and age, every customer-facing business needs an impressive customer digital experience to stay relevant and maintain credibility,” says Insiten CEO Adam Trien. “Contour streamlines communication with customers, automates back-end business processes, allows for touchless payments, presents new branding and marketing opportunities and provides actionable insights into customer behavior. It’s a cutting-edge, convenient way for customers to interact with a company’s business, products and services.”

Examples of where Contour can help:

  • Retail businesses that want an app to create loyalty programs, grow their customer base, add new revenue streams, and broadcast deals and promotions
  • Field service organizations that want an app to receive orders, dispatch workers, and streamline customer communications
  • Financial service firms that want an app to automate their loan application processes, communicate status updates, and facilitate issue resolution

“Contour provides a quicker, more affordable path to having your very own customer-centric app,” says Trien. “It lowers the barrier to entry while simultaneously providing an avenue to better engagement with your customers. It will delight end users, give you powerful insights, and make your profits soar.”

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About Insiten:  Insiten is a collection of technology experts, business strategists, and advisors who are passionate about their craft and fanatical about making clients happy. We empower businesses by creating mobile apps and responsive websites to digitize processes and improve interactions with customers and customer service reps and consolidate data from across an organization to derive actionable insights and visualizations.

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