It often feels like the business world runs on Microsoft Excel, and for good reason – Excel is flexible, powerful, and familiar. We have seen all sorts of teams and companies use Excel, whether for complex modeling, storing and organizing data, analysis and reporting, or quick ad hoc exercises. However, once the work in Excel is done, it can feel like it is trapped – difficult to access and use effectively. This is because the work is spread out across multiple spreadsheets, with multiple versions, and managed by different users. Sharing and utilizing the Excel-based work can require a heavily manual, coordinated, and error-prone process.

At Insiten, our mission is to create software solutions that digitize complex, business-critical, and time-intensive processes. A lot of these processes heavily rely on Excel and therefore require manual tasks to incorporate that Excel work into the rest of the process such as copying and pasting, aggregating data, or performing additional calculations. To create a better approach, we don’t try to eliminate Excel from the equation, but instead continue to leverage Excel where it is needed, while seamlessly integrating it into our tool where we can automate the rest. As a result, we can combine the efficiency, security, and connectivity of a modern online application with the power of Excel.

One tool that has been very helpful in setting up our Excel integrations is Aspose.Cells. Aspose.Cells brilliantly leverages open XML to make it a lot easier to develop software features that interact with Excel files. Aspose.Cells has a ton of options and use cases, from manipulating Excel files without opening them, to reading and copying all sorts of content from within Excel. It is much more robust and efficient than using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or other approaches to programming Excel-based tasks.

We have primarily used Aspose.Cells to extract data out of Excel files so we can directly access and leverage that information within our software. Aspose.Cells has helped us simplify the execution of very complex tasks so we can focus on adding business value rather than solving technical hurdles. This has made us more productive as both software engineers and consultants, delivering more rapid and impactful results to our customers.

Armed with Aspose.Cells, we have been able to leverage Excel more efficiently and effectively, giving our clients the best of both worlds – digitization of their critical processes to increase efficiency, connectivity, and quality, and continued use of the powerful and familiar Excel spreadsheet.

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