We are thrilled to announce the release of TackleBox Beta! Our team has been working furiously over the past several months, designing and building a powerful application that dramatically improves the way you present your Excel-based analyses. Our cloud-based presentation engine saves time, maximizes collaboration, and increases the quality of deliverables. And we can’t wait to share it with the community and hear your feedback.

During its final months of development, we demoed TackleBox to a broad audience, from analysts to CEOs, and the positive responses to it were tremendous. We listened attentively to pain points, incorporated best ideas, and are more confident than ever that you will love using TackleBox. We invite you to take a sneak-peek at the power of TackleBox or become a Beta user. 

Sign up at www.tacklebox.app/sign-up/ or contact us at info@insitetb.local for more information.