Insiten Turns Three!

To commemorate the company’s third birthday, the Insiten team celebrated with a day of fun and adventure in Atlanta. We kicked things off with a historic food tour of downtown where we learned about the integral role Atlanta played in

Broadening Our Horizons at SmashingConf

SmashingConf is a running series of tech conferences organized by Smashing Magazine, a tech-oriented publication that focuses on web design and front-end development. SmashingConf is a great opportunity to mingle with other developers and discover new trends in the tech

Insiten Connects with the Developer Community

Connect.Tech is one of the most talked-about conferences in the country. Web and mobile developers come from all over to network with other developers, learn about new technology and best practices, and participate in workshops designed to help them expand

Insiten’s Huiqi Zhou Nominated for 2019 Timmy Aw...

Huiqi Zhou is Insiten’s architect extraordinaire, a one-of-a-kind developer who has helped drive our success since she joined the team. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Huiqi is one of five nominees for the 2019 Timmy Award for

Huiqi Zhou’s Need For Speed

We know Huiqi Zhou is a super-fast software developer, but now we know she has a need for speed on the track too. Congrats to Huiqi Zhou for winning the Insiten Grand Prix go-kart race at our team event last

Insiten Gets Inspired

Since 2003, Microsoft has hosted Inspire, an annual conference for its partner community. Inspire is a great opportunity for Microsoft partners like Insiten to come together, share resources, and learn about what Microsoft has been working on. At Inspire 2019,

Insiten builds edible apps

To celebrate several recent major wins, the Insiten team took a break from developing software apps to develop culinary apps — appetizers that is!  Last week we headed over to Team Building with Taste Atlanta where five teams, assisted by

Outdoor Adventure Strengthens Insiten Team Culture

Their adrenaline flowed as Insiten team members rappelled off a cliff on April 23 as part of “Spring Re_Leaf 2019,” an annual day of team culture building through outdoor adventure. The morning began with business-centered strategy workshops. But soon, the

Insiten’s Adam Ziegele Shows How to Unleash the ...

At a recent Lunch and Learn, Adam Ziegele shared with Insiten teammates tricks and tips for producing stunning reports and dashboards using Microsoft’s Power BI. Adam spoke enthusiastically about the storytelling power of BI, which allows him to pull business

Insiten Lunch & Learn

Insiten’s most recent hire, Rachel Poulos, leads the team in a lunch and learn about observables. Become your own subscriber and observe how Insiten fosters continuous learning. #ObservableHumor #Insiten #BusinessMadeSimple #StartUp #LunchAndLearn #Developer #Observables #InsitenGrub