Their adrenaline flowed as Insiten team members rappelled off a cliff on April 23 as part of “Spring Re_Leaf 2019,” an annual day of team culture building through outdoor adventure.

The morning began with business-centered strategy workshops. But soon, the focus shifted to personal growth and reflection as everyone headed off to Roswell, Georgia for a meditative hike in the woods. The excitement ratcheted up as the team donned harnesses, ropes, and helmets for a rappelling challenge led by Vestigo. The controlled cliff plunge helped team members conquer fears, engender mutual trust, and build confidence.

To cap off the day, everyone basked in the afterglow of their spring “Re_Leaf” adventures at a local restaurant and brewery.

“Team events like this allow us to take a break from our computers and daily work so we can build deeper connections with each other, reflect on how far we’ve come, and look forward to our collective bright future,” said Matt Osher, Head of Strategy and Operations. Now we have souvenir t-shirts, photos, videos, and most importantly—shared memories—to honor the day.”