Insiten, a high-growth business technology company, has announced that Matt Osher joined the team as the new Head of Strategy. Insiten Is expanding its line of bespoke technology solutions to capture a broader customer base, and Matt’s guidance has been be crucial to the continued success Insiten has enjoyed since the company was founded in 2016.

Matt brings extensive experience in corporate finance and strategy to Insiten, including several years of M&A advisory work as an EY employee where he built custom tools and financial models for several Fortune 100 companies. In addition, Matt previously served in business analysis and FP&A (financial planning and analysis) roles in the financial sector. Matt’s background in these industries will serve him well as he leads Insiten’s expansion.

In his role as Head of Strategy, Matt Is focusing on new product development, branding and positioning and internal operations. His expertise and guidance are helping Insiten build on the company’s already impactful suite of software design and development services. Moreover, his contribution to the team is helping Insiten further support the digital transformation and streamlining of high-impact and multifaceted business processes for both existing and future Insiten clients.

About Insiten
Insiten is a technology company that helps companies digitize high-impact and complex strategies, methodologies, processes and deliverables by designing and building custom tools and platforms.

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