In many industries, going out to lunch is a dying tradition. But here at Insiten, we put a major emphasis on our daily lunches, that allows our team to focus on team bonding and create a balanced work environment. With our diverse team of employees, we choose to go to a large variety of unique restaurants.

Just last week, our lunches ranged from dim sum and Indian cuisine, all the way to a local taco joint located inside a gas station. Since joining the company, I had tried out restaurants I never knew existed in the area, and sometimes during less busy workdays, we will even drive 20 minutes to restaurants we found through google just to try it out. We even started a tradition on employee birthdays that allow them to choose the lunch destination for the day, which also helped me experienced different cultural cuisines. They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, that also holds true for the employees here at Insiten!

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